Saturday, January 28, 2012

POPPYN Episode #6: Viewing Party!

On DECEMBER 15, 2011 POPPYN hosted a viewing party @ PHILLY CAM in center city. 
We premiered our latest and greatest episode for a packed audience!

We had plenty of POPPYN swag and snacks.
About 40 people packed into PhillyCam's new studio to watch episode #6, 
Presenting our Perspective on PLANET Youth News

Check out some of the feedback we got from our surveys:

"I'll be honest... I think POPPYN is doing
an awesome job... it's staying true."

"I  found the youth rally most interesting
because so much negativity is placed on
youth and seeing so many who aspire to 
move past it is excellent."

"The anchors were funny and
the editing was great."

We want to hear more of your feedback. Leave comments, tweet us, shout us out, or come to our next viewing party!

We look forward to hearing from you while we get to work on 

the POPPYN crew

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