WELCOME to the home of POPPYN - A News Show BY youth FOR youth (and some cool adults) that presents a real perspectives on what's going on with youth in Philadelphia.

We are based at the organization University Community Collaborative.  

POPPYN stands for "Presenting Our Perspective on Philly Youth News." That means it's an acronym, but it's also a pun on the word poppin'. For anyone who doesn't know what that word means, here are some useful definitions:

1. poppin' (verb) - what's going on, what's happening. Ex: What's poppin' tonight? 
2. poppin' (adj) - hot, in style, popular as in "dang, that song was poppin' back in the day"; "My lipgloss is poppin', my lipgloss is cool" - Lil Mama
3. poppin' (adj) - a very exciting event (usually crowded with lots of people) as in "the club was poppin' last night."

In other words, poppin' or POPPYN is something that's happening, and also something that's cool, which is what youth in Philly are! So we're here to show you what we care about and why YOU should pay attention, because we're changing the world in front of your eyes.

Watch POPPYN every Thursday on Philadelphia's Public Access Channel: PhillyCAM (Comcast 66/Verizon 29) or follow the episodes here!

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