Thursday, October 18, 2012

POPPYN: Youth, Politics and The 2012 Election

Check out our newest episode: Youth and Politics!

This episode screened on Wednesday, Jan 23 in the Mayors Reception Room at City Hall in Philadelphia. The screening was followed by a panel of young leaders from various local youth organizations who responded to the issues raised in the episode.

On October 11, POPPYN hosted a panel discussion on youth and politics at Temple University. At the event, young leaders from various political affiliations (and one member of the Philadelphia Youth Commission) spoke about the election, the youth vote and personal experiences with civic engagement.

The audience shared the following feedback & questions with panelists and POPPYN:

"The diversity of the panel was great. They had great answers and interesting points of view."
"All of the panelists really focused on discussing the issues in a very non-partisan way, which helped keep the discussion moving forward well."
"I liked the open dialogue and the panel was informed and diverse."
"I enjoyed how the entire panel stressed the very important point that in order to implement your opinion, one should VOTE for what they strongly believe."

How do we break tensions between the parties?
Which came first – apathy or the perceived lack of political voice?
Do you feel you have good sources of information about candidates and their positions, especially races for congress and state/local offices? Where do you look for such info?
Why has the presidential election become a two-man race? What happened to the spirit of compromise in government? How can we bring it back?


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