Thursday, January 6, 2011

POPPYN Episode 1 : "Youth Voice in Education"

Happy New Year!! The first episode of POPPYN is finally complete and online! Feel free to tell us what you think about the show or any of the stories and events mentioned in the episode in the comments section. <3 POPPYN

Episode 1, part 1 featuring intro to POPPYN and coverage from Campaign for Non-violent Schools Youth POWER Summit, November 9, 2010:

Episode 1, part 2, featuring interview with Kenny Williams-Medley and coverage of the National Drop Out Prevention Conference in Philadelphia, Nov 14-17 PLUS special behind-the-scenes footage of the POPPYN crew honing their craft... ;)


  1. Lower Merion district's laptop saga ends with $610,000 settlement
  2. Philly teacher charged with stealing laptops also a heroin addict
  3. Students air issues of violence, leadership at West Philly High
  4. ACLU, students dispute ban on 'boobies' bracelets

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