Friday, May 20, 2011

Episode #3!

Perhaps you caught POPPYN Episode #3 premiere on PhillyCAM (Comcast 66/Verizon 29) yesterday at 4:30. If you're excited to watch it again or if you missed it, it will be there every Thursday for the next few weeks.

More good news! You can also watch the whole episode here on our blog, anytime! Episode #3 a little over 30 minutes, and features some of the stories we've shared on this blog, some extra exciting content, and of course our dynamic anchors Aaron and Earla leading you through the segments.

We're excited to watch it together at our Viewing Party today - but you can join us virtually! Leave a comment about what you think - what you like and what we can do better, whether you agree with the opinions voiced in the show or not. We want to know what you think. BONUS - if you comment - either on here, our youtube channel, our facebook page or our twitter - you will be automatically entered to win a free POPPYN t-shirt! They are AWESOME! Check out Saeed & Earla modeling them on a shoot:

Thanks to all the awesome youth-led/youth-supporting organizations featured in this episode: Youth United for Change, Campaign for Non-Violent Schools, Teacher Action Group (who organized the community budget forum in West Philly) and Youth Action Scholars! We do this for you!


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